Leo Nightray
Personal info
Name (Kanji): レオは近いトレイ
Name (Romaji): Rĩo Naitorei
Epithet: Aztec Swordsman
Age: 15-16
Gender: Male
Height: 169 cm
Affiliation: Nightfall (Member) , Nightray family(right-hand)
  • Student
  • Swordsman
Status: Active
Ability Name:
  • Slash of darkness
  • Cross-dive
Power Level: 4
Novel: Pandora/New testament

Leo \leo\ as a boy's name is pronounced LEE-oh. It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Leo is "lion". A common name in Roman times, and the name of 13 popes, including Leo the Great (fifth century), who successfully dealt with Attila the Hun when the Vandals conquered Rome. Author Leo Tolstoy; actor Leo G. Carroll.


Leo has long dark hair (reaching almost halfway down his back) and "beautifully colored eyes" but wears glasses to hide them because he doesn't want to see the world or more exactly scattering souls. Those glasses were not in Leo's possession until after becoming the servant of Eliot Nightray, proving that he doesn't need them. At first Leo seemed to have a rather calm demeanor, though Eliot has recently revealed that Leo is very violent and unsettled, but has a fairly good control over himself.


He has great respect for others. He doesn't mind that he has to kill anyone that hurt or harm his family in any way.Leo was greatly talented at piano, being self taught, and when he played the children of the orphanage would stay silent and close their eyes.


Leo first lived in the House of Fianna, an Orphanage in Sablier used by the Nightrays for experimentation and drawing Chains out of the Abyss to be studied. It is thought that a power from the Abyss killed both his parents and thus causing Leo to be affected by the Abyss itself. Leo taught himself piano while there and became quite talented as well.


He is good in using two swords that was created by his ancestors. He has super-human speed, agility, super-human strength, telepathy, fast regeneration and teleportation. He can attack his enemy in one move and somtimes he can slice them with one strike.


  • "Then please... Kill me with your own hands."
  • "Do you like the language of flowers? That's a girl thing..."
  • "I'm not trying to hide anything. It's just that I don't want to see."
  • "Spoiling stories... is an unforgivable sin in this world..."
  • " are...just your very existence... made someone important suffer." (to Near)