Glen Baskerville
Personal info
Name (Kanji): グレン バスカヴィル
Name (Romaji): Guren Basukaviru
Epithet: One that blames his/her self
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Height: 169 cm
Affiliation: Baskerville (Leader) , Seven Weapons of Gods fury (5th Weapon)
  • Athonia Baskerville(Sister)
  • Lacie Baskerville (Lover)
  • Master
  • Prophet
  • Head hunter
Status: Active
Ability Name:
  • Stab of Odin
  • King of Hearts
Power Level: 5
Novel: Pandora/New testament


Glen has neck-lengthed black hair and purple eyes. He wears a shin length coat (the bottom fading from red and up to black) and a cloak draped over his right shoulder. The cloak he wears has a type of hook as the collar, only leading to one side of his face.


Glen was the head of the Baskerville dukedom 100 years ago. According to Anthonia, who had feelings for Glen, he seemed to like being alone and was unapproachable. Contrary to her beliefs, he was best friends with the loud Alfred Lainsworth and even told him about a secret passage so that he could sneak into the Baskerville house.

Glen was known to have high interest in fellow Baskerville, Lacie. Together with Alfred they created a pocket watch that when opened would play the song that Glen had wrote for Lacie and named it after her as well. Glen then gave it to Lacie as a gift and Lacie loved it. She could often be heard humming the tune to "Lacie" afterwards.