Belen Mephisto
Personal info
Name (Kanji): ベルゼブブ
Name (Romaji): Biruzebabu
Epithet: The destroyer of mankind
Age: N/A
Gender: Male
Height: 196 cm


Affiliation: Army of demons(General)
  • Lucifer(Uncle)
  • Beelzebub(Father)
  • Student
Status: Alive
Ability Name:
  • Rains of Hell
  • Darkness of Hell
Power Level: Demonic
Novel: Pandora/New testament

The sixth brother of the family. daughter of the demon Beelzebub and has the corresponding sin of Gluttony.


Still another fallen angel who is confusing. He is Beelzebub, a god of the Philistines who in the Jewish thinking becomes the chief of the nine hierarchies of devils and demons in Hell.

To three of the evangelists (Matthew, Mark, Luke) Beelzebub is the chief of the demons and Matthew XII:24 calls him the 'prince of the devils,' but Beelzebub is not the Prince of Darkness, not Satan himself.

In the Gospel of Nicodemus there is a story about the Harrowing of Hell in which Christ, during his three-day stay in the underworld, makes a deal with Beelzebub and allows him to be chief of the demons, despite the objection of Satan, because Beelzebub agrees to permit Christ to take Adam and others who went to Hell before the birth of Christ with Him out of Hell to dwell henceforth in Heaven.